Life Coaching


Coaching is highly practical and forward looking in its approach, focusing on the individual in their own right. It is not to be confused with counselling, which addresses issues and behaviours arising from the past. Neither should it be regarded as a “tea and sympathy” session. Expect to be challenged and questioned about your beliefs and values and be prepared to set some powerful goals to make significant changes in the areas that you want to.

Life coaching starts with your current situation and allows you to move forward along the path that you choose to take. Typically we’d look at health, partner, vocation, money, personal development, friends and family, spiritual and emotional aspects of your life, and agree where to focus.

It releases your full potential, working in a supportive and inspirational manner, whilst eliminating negative behavioural and thinking patterns in your life.

Some questions for you:

If you stay on your current path, where will you end up?

What is your life's purpose?

What are you passionate about?

Are you ready to be challenged, and take massive steps to achieve your goals?

"...his honesty and great ability with people led me to use him as a Coach for members of my team - the results are astounding! Improved performances and enhanced positive attitudes..."
Guy Matthews

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