Over recent years the benefits of coaching in the corporate environment have become extremely well documented. Enhancing Potential works with CEOs, Directors, Managers and Team Leaders in a wide variety of organisations globally.

Through the use of coaching, an organisation achieves better results in terms of revenue, communication, engagement and retention.

Benefits of coaching

  • Enables people to clarify exactly what they want, and how to achieve it.
  • Promotes self awareness and understanding of the many factors that influence their lives both inside and outside of the workplace
  • Removes the limiting beliefs and fears that are both consciously and unconsciously holding them back
  • Encourages people to be more 'outcome' focused instead of being 'problem' focused
  • Boosts engagement in day to day work and the organisation itself
  • Results in a fresh approach to what were previously seen as problems, restoring passion and purpose, strengthening the psychological contract
  • Enables leaders to demonstrate more emotional intelligence and both manage and inspire their teams

"...his honesty and great ability with people led me to use him as a Coach for members of my team - the results are astounding! Improved performances and enhanced positive attitudes..."
Guy Matthews

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