Executive Coaching


Executive coaching consists of a series of one-to-one conversations that are designed to raise an individual's performance at work and help them to tap into their true potential.

Coaching can take place on-site throughout the UK or abroad. Alternatively coaching can be conducted over the telephone, which allows greater flexibility and global reach. Full email support is given throughout, and we also have access to web based interactive coaching.

Enhancing Potential does not offer “one size fits all” programmes, preferring instead to gain a thorough understanding of what a business and individuals need to achieve their goals. The importance of corporate and individual values and beliefs is fully explored, and negative beliefs replaced with positive ones.

Clarity of purpose, objectives and expected outcomes are agreed at the outset, with timescales and methods of evaluation clearly defined. Where appropriate a combination of coaching and training may offer the best solution.

We spend time analysing the organisational challenges that exist and build a full picture of individuals both inside and outside the workplace. Enhancing Potential understands that there is a large crossover between work-based issues and those outside. Our approach is supportive but challenging, we firmly believe that people need to stretch to grow.

Also see Leadership Development


"...his honesty and great ability with people led me to use him as a Coach for members of my team - the results are astounding! Improved performances and enhanced positive attitudes..."
Guy Matthews

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